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    December 08, 2023 3 min read

    Embarking on a family ski holiday is an adventure that can create lasting memories for both parents and children. To guarantee a fantastic experience for your little ones, consider these top 5 tips that will make your family ski holiday an unforgettable success.

    1. Choose the Right Resort: Selecting the perfect ski resort is crucial in ensuring your kids have a blast on the slopes. Look for family-friendly resorts that offer beginner slopes, ski schools for children, and a variety of off-slope activities. Resorts with dedicated family zones and gentle terrain are ideal for introducing your kids to the joy of skiing without overwhelming them. Club Med is an all-inclusive ski holiday that has a dedicated Kids Club, so not only will your little ones meet kids their own age to enjoy the experience with but more importantly Mum & Dad have an opportunity to reconnect as a couple knowing the kids are having the time of their life

    2. Gear Up for Comfort: Invest time in properly outfitting your children with the right ski gear. Ill-fitting boots and uncomfortable clothing can quickly turn a fun adventure into a negative experience. Make sure their gear is suitable for the weather conditions and invest in the best mittens you can as they play such an important part in your overall enjoyment on the mountain.  If your hands are cold, your entire body will feel cold.  Don’t forget to pack helmets, handwarmers and effective layers to keep them warm and protected.  As any parent could attest to, if your child is unhappy the entire family will be unhappy.

    3. Enroll in Ski Lessons: Ski lessons are a fantastic way for your kids to learn the ropes in a fun and supportive environment. Many ski resorts offer specialised programs for children, with instructors who are trained to make learning enjoyable. By enrolling your kids in ski lessons, you not only ensure their safety on the slopes but also set them up for a lifetime of skiing enjoyment.

    4. Create a Fun Après-Ski Tradition: The fun doesn't stop when the skis come off! Establishing a fun après-ski tradition adds an extra layer of enjoyment to your family holiday. Whether it's indulging in hot chocolate by the fireplace, playing board games, or simply reliving the day's adventures, creating a post-ski routine will give your kids something to look forward to after a day on the slopes.

    5. Balance Adventure with Relaxation: While skiing may be the primary focus of your holiday, it's essential to strike a balance between adventure and relaxation. Plan downtime for your family to unwind and enjoy the surroundings. Whether it's exploring the resort village, taking a scenic sleigh ride, dog sledding or enjoying a spa day, incorporating moments of relaxation ensures your kids have a well-rounded and enjoyable experience.

    A successful family ski holiday is not just about conquering the slopes; it's about creating cherished moments that your kids will carry with them for a lifetime. By choosing the right resort, outfitting your children with comfortable gear, enrolling them in ski lessons, establishing après-ski traditions, and balancing adventure with relaxation, you'll set the stage for a winter getaway filled with fun and laughter. 

    Our friendly team at Snowscene would love to offer advice on the right clothing and accessories for your family trip  If you need travel advice, please get in touch with the Snowscene Travel Team to discuss your requirements. 

    Happy skiing!