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February 28, 2024 3 min read

In the rugged landscapes of Norway, where the harsh Nordic weather posed challenges for sailors, Helly Juell Hansen embarked on a journey to create superior protection for his crew. His ingenuity led to the birth of Helly Hansen, a brand synonymous with innovative and high-performance ski wear. Let's delve into the fascinating journey of this iconic brand that started with oilskin jackets in 1878 and has evolved into a leader in technical outerwear.

The Helox Revolution: Helly Hansen's commitment to weatherproof apparel saw a breakthrough with the introduction of Helox waterproof fabric. Featuring a thin sheet of translucent PVC plastic, this revolutionary technology became a staple for outdoor use. The success was immediate, with 30,000 coats produced each month and even used by the Norwegian delegation at the 1952 Olympic Games in Helsinki.

Fiberpile and LIFA®: Collaborating with Norwegian Fiber Pile Inc. in 1961, Helly Hansen developed the original Fiberpile, the first fleece. Its high warmth-to-weight ratio and ability to retain thermal qualities when wet made it a favourite among lumberjacks and outdoor enthusiasts. The concept evolved into the modern ProPile, still in production today.

Helly Hansen continued its innovation with the introduction of LIFA® baselayers in 1970, a game-changer in moisture management. Used by professionals in extreme environments, LIFA® remains the cornerstone of their technical baselayer collection.

Helly Tech® and the 3-Layer System™: The 1980s witnessed the launch of Helly Tech® waterproof and breathable technology, setting new standards in performance and protection. It played a crucial role in the Helly Hansen 3-Layer System™, an industry-first program educating outdoor enthusiasts on proper dressing. Today, Helly Tech fabrics cater to the specific demands of professionals worldwide.

LIFA® MERINO and LIFALOFT™: In the late 90s, the Prowool baselayer (renamed LIFA® MERINO) combined LIFA® Stay-Dry Technology™ with Merino wool, providing moisture transport and added warmth. The award-winning LIFALOFT™ insulation, developed in collaboration with Primaloft®, offers unparalleled warmth with minimal weight. The Men's Helly Hansen Alpha Lifaloft Jacket - Cobalt 2.0 and Women's Helly Hansen Alphelia Lifaloft Jacket - Heather are popular current season choices at Snowscene in the Lifaloft range.

LIFA INFINITY PRO™: Helly Hansen's commitment to innovation and sustainability is evident in LIFA INFINITY PRO™. This first-to-market technology delivers extreme waterproofness and breathability without the use of added chemical treatments, pushing the boundaries of apparel design.

Sustainability at the Core: For Helly Hansen, the commitment to environmental stewardship is not just a recent initiative - it's ingrained in the brand's DNA. Born in the harsh maritime and mountainous environments, Helly Hansen recognizes its duty to protect these landscapes. Since its inception in 1877, the brand has been crafting professional-grade gear not only to ensure the safety and comfort of individuals in extreme conditions but also with a profound obligation to safeguard the environments where its products are utilized.

A Legacy of Responsible Practices: With over 140 years in business, Helly Hansen understands that enduring success is intertwined with a deep respect for ethical values, human rights, and environmental conservation. The brand's dedication extends beyond crafting exceptional gear, but advocates for the responsible use and enjoyment of oceans, mountains, and the great outdoors. Helly Hansen embraces a holistic and scientific approach to decision-making, striving to ensure that every action supports a thriving coexistence of people and the planet. Responsible practices underscore Helly Hansen's ongoing commitment to sustainability, reinforcing its role as a leader not only in technical innovation but also in environmental responsibility.

Explore the pinnacle of Helly Hansen's ski wear in our online store. From the Men's Helly Hansen Alpha 4.0 Jacket in Navy to the Women's Helly Hansen Valdisere 2.0 Jacket, each product reflects the brand's commitment to performance, warmth, and comfort. Discover excellence in ski wear for Men, Women and Kids with Helly Hansen at Snowscene.

Helly Hansen's journey from oilskin jackets to cutting-edge technologies over the decades showcases a commitment to excellence. As you gear up for your next adventure on the slopes, trust in the legacy of Helly Hansen, where tradition meets innovation for the ultimate ski wear experience.