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Oakley MOD 3 Blackout 19


Oakley Mod 3 Snow Helmet

Outer Construction

Modular Brim System, this system means to can change the fit of your helmet against your goggles.

Adjustable ventilations. You can customise your venting by keeping them open to release hot air, of close them to retain heat.

Fid Lock Buckle, this buckle has a magnitic function. Making it easy to clip even with goggles on.

Internal construcion

In mould construction through the helmet

BOA 360. This is the adjustment sytem on the helment, it has a full wrap around your head, rather than just the back of your neck.

Anti-microbial brow pad. This fabric along the brow, prevents the growth of bacteria in the material. Eliminating odors.

Audio compatible ear pads which are also removable.