Unisex Lenz Heated 1.0 Sock

The Lenz Heated Sock is a functional sock with an integrated heating element you don’t notice. By using the Lenz Heat App and Bluetooth, you are able to quickly and easily regulate the 3 heat control settings of the sock battery. Providing heat for up to 14 hours on level 1 in the toe and sole region.  The Lenz Heated Socks are designed with optimal moisture transportation, additional shin padding, ring bandages for optimal support on the foot and only require a short charging time.

The Lithium Packs which are sold separately are easily attached by means of a press stud on the leg band. The Lenz Heated Socks are perfectly suited for a variety of users and each battery pack comes with all of your international adaptors. 

You can select 1200v or 1800v that can be used across all Lenz products.  The benefit of the 1800v is a longer battery life and less charging over the course of your trip.  The 1200v is more that enough for socks but you should consider the 1800v if you are looking at the gloves.

Everyone knows the cleaner the sock the warmer they are. Purchase a spare pair of the Lenz Heated Socks to ensure you have optimal warmth this winter over multiple days. A spare pair means less frequent washing, which is what everyone wants!

This sock can be used in any of your footwear, not just in your ski boots.  Perfect for when dog sledding, snowmobiling or waiting for the Northern Lights to wow you.  



  • Connection to your smart phone via Bluetooth
  • Functional sock with an intergrated heating element
  • Provides heat for up to 14 hours
  • Toe and sole of the foot are heated
  • Ergonomically shaped
  • Odourless
  • Pleasent to the skin
  • Soft seams
  • Optimal moisture transportation
  • Additional shin padding
  • Ring bandages for optimal support on the foot
  • Lithium packs are easy to attach by means of press studs on the legband
  • Machine washable at 30°c